How To Drive In Fog

Whenever the situation allows, don’t drive in hazy circumstances. Thick or light haze is a significant reason for mishaps, including heap ups. In the event that you can’t try not to drive in mist, here are a few hints to guarantee safe driving.

Fog brings down perceivability Lessen your speed. You may not see objects before you until they are excessively close and increment the accompanying distance to give yourself additional opportunity to respond. Try not to pack up close to different vehicles, regardless of whether it seems like it further develops perceivability.

Try not to utilize journey control and be ready to rapidly slow down.

Make certain to routinely look at your speedometer. Haze can make the optical deception of driving gradually. This makes numerous drivers accelerate. Try not to depend on your visual perception, yet actually look at the speedometer all things being equal.

Show restraint while driving in hazy climate. Brake gradually to allow different vehicles an opportunity to respond. Turn on your sign lights ahead of schedule to give a lot of notice. As the street is darkened, try not to pass different vehicles.



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