Helpline130 have Helped more people in 2022

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Helpline130 is a medical emergency helpline in Pakistan that provides assistance to people in medical emergencies. Their services include dispatching ambulances, providing medical advice, and connecting people with medical professionals.

If helpline130 claims to have helped more people in 2022, it would be a positive sign that their services are reaching more people in need. It’s important to note that medical emergencies can happen at any time, and having access to emergency medical services can be critical in saving lives.

HelpLine 130

However, it’s also important to evaluate the quality of the services provided by helpline130 and ensure that they are meeting the needs of the people they serve. This includes factors such as response time, the availability of trained medical professionals, and the quality of the medical advice provided over the phone.

Overall, if helpline130 is indeed helping more people in 2022, it would be a positive development for emergency medical services in Pakistan, and it highlights the importance of having reliable and accessible emergency medical services for people in need.

Along with The NHMP is a law enforcement agency in Pakistan responsible for ensuring safety and security on national highways and motorways. One of their primary goals is to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on these roads.

To achieve this goal, the NHMP employs various measures such as increased patrolling, traffic management, public awareness campaigns, and strict enforcement of traffic rules and regulations.

However, it’s important to note that reducing accidents requires sustained efforts over time, and even with progress, there is always the possibility of unexpected incidents occurring. Therefore, it’s important to continue prioritizing road safety and taking measures to reduce accidents.

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