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Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

According to the research of psychologists, these people are individualistic and they value their caste and thinking more than traditional thinking and character. They are less dependent on others and are often independent in matters even their acquaintances call them stubborn and rebellious. They usually have a low sense of well-being. They are persistent in temperament, do the work they are interested in diligently and are not afraid of failures and difficulties. Even if their companions leave them, they remain steadfast

If you want to be creative, you have to be creative

· Never watch over your thoughts.

· If a question arises in your mind, do not ignore it as a mere satanic whisper, but try to ask the scholars for an answer.

· Practice keeping in mind ideas that contradict each other.

· Don’t be afraid of contradictory, complex, tangled and incomplete things and ideas.

· Create an environment in your home and institution that promotes creativity.

· In the name of discipline in your organization, do not stifle creativity, but welcome new ideas.

An organization ICT (Intelligent Security GCP (Pvt) Ltd.) to investigate security issues, have gave a special training of conscience to his staff, to check security matters so that they would be more aware than the common man.


There are many ways to promote creative thinking have been discovered. We can use our five senses to increase our creativity. There are five basic senses perceived by the body. They are hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell. Each of these senses is a tool your brain uses to build a clear picture of your world.

Your brain relies on your sensory organs to collect sensory information. If we keep in mind our five senses — So we can use them to our advantage to stimulate our minds and accelerate our creativity.

The human intellect flies with the five senses, sight, sound, touch, fragrance and taste. Wherever the five senses are left together, the flight of the intellect is stopped. Without the raw material of the senses, the intellect is a suspended organ. Man is a combination of these senses.

The basis of everything on earth is light. This wave or light is called religion by the soul. Our daily observation is that as long as the soul exists in a material being, there is movement in that being, and when the soul disconnects from its material existence, the being disintegrates and disintegrates.

In the context of creation, the term conscience or sixth sense is used on occasions when we come to know something that does not seem to be there, a supposed intuitive faculty giving awareness not explicable in terms of normal perception, “some sixth sense told him he was not alone”

Some experts believe that by using the term sixth sense we humans limit the number of our senses, although it is a mistake to say that we have only five senses.

Every human being has the ability of sixth sense and thinking and mood. But he does not know how to understand and highlight this ability.

To learn this skill, the scope of conscious, understanding has to be very wide. Broadness always breaks the vague mirror of limitation.

Do each of us have a sixth sense?

And can everyone have the power of conscience?

Of course, each of us has the ability and capacity to create another sense from the rest of our senses, but this is not possible without the five senses.

Modern science, like ancient philosophy, does not deny that reality is that which can be verified by the five senses. Modern science itself has accomplished the task of discovering hundreds of creatures and events which could not have been known by the senses alone and by human intellect alone.

When you feel weird about something or the time to come, some people call it inner revelation and inspiration. But there is another side. Whenever your sixth sense tries to tell you something, it may be that you are considering different aspects of the matter and when that happens, you say I thought about it beforehand. At this point you ignore the other thoughts and focus only on the incident.

When you are convinced of a sixth sense using the five senses, you are actually choosing one of the possible possibilities.

The sixth sense is actually a kind of spiritual anticipation, just as vision is a spiritual state which is an example of supernatural communication.

However, the degree of knowledge obtained from the senses, is doubtful. The final knowledge is obtained only from the divine source. The place of contemplation is important in the call to contemplation, that is, in the divine verses.

In the divine verses, meditation provides guidance with divine help. In the book of the universe and the creation of man, contemplation and meditation is a testing phase, while finding the path of guidance depends on divine help of GOD.

Arif Rajan, Managing Director of ICT (Intelligent Security GCP (Pvt) Ltd.) once asked a creator what is the secret of your success?

He replied very seriously. “I never use my senses while doing my job,” he said after a half-minute break. “While acting, I only use my sixth sense.

· Understanding and oneness is with the skirt.

· Consciousness, the beauty of imagination and cognitive understanding also become non-existent.

· The sixth sense can also be called conscience.

· Ignorance, intolerance, confusion and negative attitudes are the rivals of conscientious thinking. So the powers of thinking, understanding and making decisions die.

· The first step in awakening the sixth sense or gaining consciousness is loneliness. This increases self-awareness and the ability to analyze personally.

· The mind that thinks of its own benefit and convenience or pain at all times, is deprived of the freshness, purity and spirituality of life.

· Creative thinking and ability is also an expression of emotional feeling.

· Intuitive dreams discover creativity. It is a combination of wisdom and intellect.

· The power of conscience is immortal, free from the constraints of time and place. It is like the winds that blow from the mountains and the seas.

According to some thinkers, if a person is not spiritually strong, then gaining a conscience is detrimental to him. After attaining conscience, man is associated with the great forces of the universe, and if a man is not spiritually strong, then he cannot maintain a balance between the reality of this world and other worlds, and becomes mentally unbalanced.

People who do not wake up spiritually, if they have a clear conscience, then often have very scary dreams.

At the same time, people begin to see creatures that the human eye cannot see, and these creatures are often harmful.

What are the symptoms of sixth sense awakening and attainment of conscience?

They meditate for a long time and sometimes they show some signs of conscience. Here are some key signs:

· Feeling of heaviness or sensitivity between the two eyes

· Increased strength of conscience

· Knowledge of important events in the near future

· Colors look brighter

· Increase the strength of patience

· Headache complaint

· Desire for better food

· Life’s issues and problems emerge in a new way

· Changing the focus of thinking

· Dreams come often

· Increased mental strength

Arif Rajan explain the Ways to achieve sixth sense using conscience:

There are many ways to awaken the sixth sense in different religions and societies. Each method claims to have its own utility. The majority of the methods of awakening the conscience belong to Buddhism or Hinduism.

At the same time, Western society has a number of rules for awakening the conscience. If we draw a conclusive conclusion from all these methods, the situation is as follows:


· In order to awaken the conscience, it is first necessary to balance the centers of energy in the human body.

· Daily practice awakens the conscience.

· Meditation is very important in awakening the conscience.

· The focus should be on the area between the two eyes.

· Use special colored stones attributed to conscience

· The use of different incense for this purpose is also very effective.

· Applying turmeric or sandalwood in both eyes can also awaken the conscience.

· Avoid using fluoride.

· Include items in the diet that do not burden the stomach.



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