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Part 1

Arif Rajan Managing Director of says its depending on your business, you may find that providing great content such as blogs and articles is helpful. By delivering useful and interesting information, well-written content can help you draw an audience to your company. As a result, your organisation may increase audience loyalty and happiness, which can be used to convert readers into paying customers. So, let’s get started with learning how to create an article.

How Do Articles Work With Content Marketing?
What Is an Article?
How To Write Articles for Your Business
What Is the Format of an Article?

Tips for Using Articles In Content Marketing

A piece of informative information that people study, create, and distribute to readers is known as an article. You can write for a variety of publications, including newspapers, magazines, and websites. Businesses, on the other hand, frequently write and use articles as part of their content marketing plan. This delivers essential and useful information to readers and potential consumers. This encourages customers to interact with the brand in new ways, such as reading additional articles, signing up for a subscription, or purchasing something.

When organisations use well-written resource articles for content marketing, they frequently create a large amount of content at once. To begin, companies conduct keyword research to determine which keywords their website and content should target. These keywords are frequently related to the industry or field of the company. Let’s imagine your company assists budding authors in self-publishing their books.

Each of these articles has the potential to draw a specific type of visitor to your website. Then, with strategically placed calls-to-action, you may entice your visitors to engage with your firm even more. This could entail making a phone call, downloading content, or reading more articles on your website.

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What Is the Format of an Article?

  1. Add a Title

Your headline establishes the theme of the post and provides readers a taste of what they may expect to read. It’s vital to maintain your title between 50 and 60 characters long while composing it. This will ensure that Google and other search engines display the whole title on the results page (SERP). It’s also a good idea to make sure it’s appealing. Consider other approaches, such as adding numbers or providing a response to a question.

2. Provide Your Name.

Humanize your brand by including a name or author information in your piece. This can help you form stronger bonds with your readers and create a community around your work. If you have a content team, have them take turns posting articles with their own bylines and bios at the end. This may even motivate some of your viewers to leave comments on your articles and initiate a dialogue with the author by posing questions or expressing reservations about the content. This also allows your staff to demonstrate their knowledge on a certain subject.

3. Make an Introduction.

Your introduction informs your viewers about the topic of the piece and explains why they might find it interesting. The start of an article can often determine whether someone will continue reading or click away. Use tactics to pique your audience’s interest, such as intriguing narratives that detail a problem your target audience is facing and offer to show how to solve it.

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