Can you really make a lot of money on Amazon?
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Person Handing Another Person an Amazon Package Major Issues with Selling on Amazon and Advice for New Sellers Arif Rajan

Amazon has grown significantly over the years, offering millions of different products and constructing a slew of fulfilment centres (stocking warehouses) around the globe. Amazon, as efficient and appealing as it appears, is not without flaws. Here’s a rundown of the issues, as well as a few options for selling things on Amazon:


Has some entry hurdles

Payouts are only made every two weeks

Selling in a highly competitive setting

It’s difficult to receive a lot of positive feedback.

At any moment in time, inventory may be ruled unsellable or restricted.

Procedures are becoming more complicated, and expenses are rising.

To compete with other merchants, you may need to use many third-party software products.


Can manufacture one-of-a-kind (private-label or white-label) products and instantly market them to millions of potential customers

Within the Amazon platform, Amazon-specific paid advertising (Sponsored items) is available.

For large sellers, there is a dedicated account executive.

Explicit guidelines can help sellers manage a variety of scenarios and provide some protections.

Tutorials and coaching from Amazon employees are available.

Amazon provides loans solely depending on sales volume (no credit score check)

Among Amazon’s new features are free re-pricing tools, inventory monitoring and management, and more targeted advertising.

Entry Obstacles

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to simply get on Amazon and begin selling. Amazon has forced to grow more stringent in allowing who may sell, what can be sold, and how as the platform continues to take on new sellers who don’t always follow the regulations.

To sell clothing, shoes, handbags, automobiles, and a variety of other commodities, sellers must first obtain approval. The number of categories requiring approval continues to rise. And getting approved isn’t simple. On the good side, as soon as a seller creates an Amazon account, they are automatically approved to sell in a certain categories.

Amazon sellers are only paid every two weeks.
When you sell something on Amazon, you get paid.

The Competition is Fierce.

Numerous Amazon merchandisers do not have one- of-a-kind effects of their own. They just resell products attained in bulk from wholesalers or merchandisers, much like a retail gift or other shop would. The problem is that if you can buy anything in bulk, so can a lot of other people, performing in a lot of competition for the same products.

As a result, numerous merchandisers are developing unique products with the help of organisations that will place a dealer’s brand name on an being product and make minor product differences like colour, fabric, or expression changes. Private- marker or white- marker particulars are a middle ground between reselling being products and erecting your own from the ground up.
Amazon has also experimented with colorful tools to help merchandisers beat the competition in colorful ways, similar as the capability to automatically reprice your products, clear out old force, and keyword- optimize your rosters.

merchandisers that increase their bottom- line gains hastily than their top- line deals time over time tend to do better. Because numerous merchandisers usere-pricing software to automatically modify their prices to keep competitive, when one dealer out- prices another, it sets off there-pricers of all other merchandisers, and a downcast pricing helical ensues. The only person who benefits is the Amazon client who receives effects at a reduced price.

Erecting a Positive Feedback Profile Takes Time.

Still, stay until you see Amazon shoppers, If you suppose eBay consumers are horrible at posting feedback. On Amazon, just roughly one out of every 30 buyers leaves feedback, so you will need to vend a lot of particulars to make up your feedback, whereas one out of every three eBay guests does. Fortunately, feedback on Amazon doesn’t carry the same weight as it does on eBay.

At any time, your products may come defined and unsellable.
Amazon collaborates nearly with well- known manufacturers andbusinesses.However, Amazon can ban their products at any moment, If a brand decides that third- party merchandisers shouldn’t be allowed to vend their products on Amazon.

This means that the goods can only be vended on Amazon by the brand proprietor. While this may appear to be a negative in general, if you are a dealer with your own brand, Amazon has created a brand registry and other safeguards to help you vend more successfully on the platform without having to contend with people who gain your products through liquidators or other unethical means, or who essay to fake your products.

For illustration, a dealer could be dealing Dunkin’ Donuts coffee that they bought on trade at grocery shops and Target on Amazon. Let’s say they delivered 40 to 50 bags of coffee to an Amazon storehouse in medication for unborn client orders.

Fulfillment by Amazon( FBA) storages are the name for these storehouse installations. The dealer receives an dispatch one day, with no previous notice, informing him or her that Amazon has banded withDunkin’ Donuts. Third- party merchandisers will no longer be suitable to vend this brand, which means they will have to pay Amazon to have the 40 units of coffee removed from the storehouse and returned to them.



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