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Automotive Technologies That will Open Your Eyes

We discuss with Arif Rajan, Managing Director of gcspvt. what are the innovators will soon bring more technological improvements? As time goes on, AI can overtake human minds in driving. We can only wait and see and what we think today will come true tomorrow.

Technology is the answer to everything, the automotive industry is also moving from one glory to another through technology. Driverless cars are a great example of this in TV shows and movies. This shows that the automotive industry is moving forward and has never looked back, we know that electric vehicles, solar powered machines, manual and self-driving cars are being invented. This trend is on the rise.

Testing these technologies is giving a new lease of life to the automotive sector. The sky is the limit, isn’t it? SkyDrive is one of the technologies that has a chance. Seeing a car that flies is magical in itself.

Self-Driving Cars

These are the cars that follow your orders. This is the dream you want to see come true. Imagine that your hands are free and you can happily enjoy a cup of coffee on the dashboard. have been. While your vehicle is acting like a duty assistant with automatic control.

Google and Audi have successfully tested this technology on their technology, which means that even more incredible things are about to emerge. The automatic control vehicle makes easy use of technologies such as ultrasound, laser and radar.

If there are any objects in front of the car, the car automatically avoids them to avoid a collision. To do this, all you need to do is give the command and command the way forward. And she doesn’t need to be able to do it on her own.

Self-driving cars

Augmented Reality Cars

Commonly referred to as AR, typically the AR system uses in-car displays for information on dashboards capable of dashboards. If a car is approaching us fast and we are about to collide, AR comes into play.

When you get close to a car, by showing a red box, the car is alerted that all is not well. It also provides arrowhead guidance to show the road the best alternative route. This is all for our safety on the road. Such cars use the GPS system to locate an object through the windshield to make a guess. Such augmented reality cars release information obtained on the windscreen and then advise the driver that they What to do.

As she can tell the make and model of the car in front of you, how slippery the road is, and how wide it is. With this information, you can decide how to operate the road.

AR Dashboards will not only provide us with data on windshields but also help us inspect car machinery such as engines. He will then suggest possible steps to resolve any existing issues.

Ultra-classic Air Bag

When there is a risk of accidents while driving, Ultra Classic Airbase helps to slow down and stop cars. In addition to airbags, there are other amenities available today to prevent accidents, including seat belts, airbags, knee-length airbags, curtained airbags and down airbags. Modern carmakers plan to include airbags as a safety precaution.

This is a technology that can use the existing parts of the car to reach a height of 8 cm during a collision. As a result, the car will not sink when we apply the brakes. It also helps passengers stay in their safety belts.

Inter-vehicle Communication System

Interactions between car communications systems look forward to future innovations. Cars can transmit information to each other using communication system signals. By doing this, they can improve road safety.

The inclusion of V2V communications in cars means that our vehicle is in a better position to detect the danger ahead of us. It even has the ability to apply a sudden brake much earlier than us. When all the cars have signals that the cars are in contact with, the accidents on the roads will be less because the cars share the information in real time. Technology innovators are also considering a link between cars and infrastructure. Cars can even make contact with traffic lights or on the road via wireless signals. As a result, automotive safety standards increase because all factors contribute to achieving this goal.

Use Cars with Energy-Saving Physical Panels

Hybrid cars are the next big thing. Because the heavy weight of lithium-ion batteries that take up more space makes the car challenging. Therefore, researchers are looking for such technology. Less weight than older car batteries to reduce vehicle weight, these panels charge faster and are made of polymer fiber and carbon resin. These are strong materials for use in vehicles.

We take a look at the vehicle high-tech vehicle safety features is included in the system will be in every modern car. Such as: Forward-collision warning (FCW), Automatic emergency braking (AEB), Brake assist, Blind-spot warning (BSW), Rear cross-traffic warning, Rear automatic emergency braking (AEB), Lane-keeping assist (LKA) or lane-centering assist, Adaptive cruise control (ACC), Advanced backup camera, Active head restraints

Now is the time to wait for the next car technologies of the future that are not yet with us.



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