9 Habits of the Successful and Happiest People

Successful life is generally considered to depend on luck and hereditary wealth, but the real success is what a person achieves on his own strength. What is the secret that allows us to live a happy and successful life?

To this end, we reviewed the lives of successful people and concluded from an interview with Arif Rajan, a successful and happy person, that some habits and qualities make a person successful and other habits make him unsuccessful, there is no secret other than this, which is secretly making man successful.

If someone are enjoying a successful life, it is because of their good habits, and on the contrary, it is man’s own habits that have been blamed for failing in research and for a bad life.

If we are enjoying a successful life, it is because of our good habits, On the contrary, research has shown that man’s own habits , have been blamed for, are responsible for his failures and bad lives.

We’ve framed a list of 9 common habits that you can take advantage of.

1. Make aim of life.

2. Appreciate the value of time to fix the key to success.

3. Lonely and meditate.

4. Try changing your habits.

5. Determine Personal Goals in Life

6. Respect to others.

7. Learn to be thankful and avoid complaining.

8. Set your goals according to your abilities.

9. optimize your activities

1. Make aim of life.

The aim and purpose of our life consists of the central motives of our life. That we get up early in the morning then we think what we do, we can understand the purpose of our life, for someone, the aim is a meaningful career and satisfying work, for others, their purpose is to include the care and responsibilities of their family and friends. Others seek meaning through spirituality or religious beliefs. Some people can find a clear expression of their purpose in all these aspects of life. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation of their lives, when unsuccessful people have no purpose in life. They are living like a rolling stone. Aim of life can be unique to everyone.

What you indicate for your route and destination may be different from others. Furthermore, in response to the changing priorities and fluctuations of your experiences, your purpose may change into real life.

These questions may arise when you consider the purpose of your life:

who am I?

Where do i come from…

When do I finish?

We need to make a purpose in the life and make it our passion. Every morning when we remember our purpose, we will be forced to jump out of bed. The best life is for a person to dedicate himself to the service of God’s creation and to do everything that is for the good of mankind, and the best way to do that is to recognize our potential and work for the well-being of the people accordingly.

The purpose of life is not just to earn money and save for one’s children. Of course, one has to take up employment to meet one’s needs, but it is not right for him to be dissatisfied and only to increase his wealth till death. However, we need to consider our real purpose in life and think about living according to it.

A purposeful life is possible only, if we realize what is most important to us. So let us spend each day with this awareness. Let us live as we should and do what is most important to us.

All this is possible only when we look at the end and determine the destination before we go and then choose the right path accordingly. Only then can we reach the goal of success.

2. Appreciate the value of time to fix the key to success.

Plato said: “Time takes away everything,” and the importance of time can be gauged from the fact that every successful person says value of time and a un successful person also says value time. Successful people use their time wisely while unsuccessful people waste their time, so we need to value the time. Don’t waste anyone’s time or give anyone a chance to waste our time, time is an asset that can’t be returned.

The first condition for success is the value of time and its best use. Make a list of your daily tasks and deal with day-to-day tasks accordingly. Not only will this keep you mentally calm but success in every area of ​​life will follow in your footsteps. remember! He who does not take time seriously and wastes time also wastes it.

3. Lonely and meditate.

Sometimes a person in the world of loneliness picks up a mirror and looks at his face to see its good and evil or beauty and ugliness.

Solitude and loneliness are very important to see the good and bad of one’s inner self because in the company of people one cannot look at oneself but only at others.

When do we feel depressed and lonely? The day when we are frustrated and hopeless? The day when it feels like we just want to crawl into bed and never want to go out, In such cases, attention should be paid to solving problems through the process of self-accountability in solitude and meditation. Science says that meditation has many mental and physical health benefits, from improving memory to boosting the body’s immune system. From Arif Rajan, Managing Director of GCS, everyone practices meditation on a daily basis and considers it an important tool for their success.

4. Try changing your habits.

Our personality is what we think all day long, if our thoughts are negative then we should not expect anything more in life, In contrast, positive thinking about life or circumstances can help turn failure into success. Once you think positively, you will be amazed at its magic. Create patience and non-emotionality within yourself. Remember that the most interesting people are those who do something new every moment of life and do not stay closed. They sharpen their personality personally and professionally by discovering learning opportunities. The process of learning should continue throughout life. No age stops you from learning something new. It is a constant learning process to abandon the habits that are leading you to destruction and adopt positive habits. The only way to move forward as an individual, as a professional and as a leader is to continue the learning process.

If you know more, you are always one step ahead in the competition. If you have no interest in it, you will never know when the development opportunities will be out of your hands.

We must remember that it is not possible to get things done right away or rush everyone to an important meeting, but it is also important not to let the feeling of frustration overwhelm us.

Obstacles such as travel delays, incompetence of people or any other reason are not under your control, but impatient response to these issues is of no use. Anxiety and impatience can lead to stress, which can lead to a weakened immune system, irritability, high blood pressure, stress on the heart and deterioration of relationships. So learn to work patiently on difficulties beyond your control and take some time to think about how to improve it or take deep breaths.

5. Determine Personal Goals in Life

In order to be successful in life, we need goal setting and organization, as well as determination, so that we can achieve our goals. Can we reach the target…? Only through strong commitment do we prioritize our plans. Just like the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, possessed a strong determination, which is why he alone succeeded in gaining an independent Islamic country from the British when he had no other precedent.

6. Respect to others.

Get in the habit of respecting. Respect yourself first, then it will be easier to respect others. The man who does not respect himself, the world does not respect him. People’s positions get bigger, positions get bigger, but there is no respect. The reason is that they do not respect themselves.

Respect your work. If Allah Almighty has given you a job, a business, an art, a responsibility, then respect it, because if you do not respect your work, then you will not be respected by others. ۔

Honor him whom Allah has honored. We have a habit of making fun of old friends who have reached great heights. As a nation, we have a very common problem that we get bugs from others.

Learn to appreciate. If a person does not appreciate his things, his money, his family, his children, his home and the facilities that Allah Almighty has given him, then Allah Almighty takes away these blessings. Whoever gives importance to small things, Allah Almighty blesses him.

We try very hard to get what we don’t have. But we already have what God has given us, we are thankful for it and do not appreciate it

7. Learn to be thankful and avoid complaining.

Allah has bestowed many blessings for which we all have a duty to give thanks, but we do not even think about it. However, whenever you feel frustrated, look around you and see the things that you have.

Work comes, gives happiness or without which the concept of life seems incomplete, then gratitude begins to arise automatically, think for yourself, what would life be like if there were no hands, or if there were no legs?

People who get into the habit of giving thanks also have a good hope for life.

No one likes a person who complains all the time, if you look around you will see many people who are in trouble but still doing a lot of good. Don’t blame others for your problems, avoid justification and avoid too much sensitivity, no one likes drama all the time.

8. Set your goals according to your abilities.

Life is a journey, not a destination, with each passing day you have to do something for your survival, so choose your goals according to your abilities and resources and not by looking at others.

Determine to achieve your goal so don’t focus on the consequences when something goes wrong, because when you think about the consequences there will always be negative thinking, remember life is not perfect, both success and failure and be prepared for them with open arms.

Don’t dwell on what happened in the past and please stop thinking about it or worry about what’s going to happen in the future. Pay attention to the situation you are in at the moment and try to improve it.

9. optimize your activities

`It is therefore important to organize daily activities, make weekly and monthly plans for your tasks and goals, and keep track of whether the goals are being met. Make a to-do list for your day. Do this when you wake up in the morning. This will make it easier for you to handle the task at hand.

Secondly, you will be able to set targets for yourself that such and such work has to be done in any situation today.

Take a look at this list at the end of the day and you will feel satisfied when you see that you have done all this work. Plan for the day as well as for the long term. Make a clear goal in your life and move forward step by step to reach it every day. Remember, the richest and most successful people do not reach this point overnight. Behind their success are years of hard work, bloodshed and hard days that are usually hidden from public view.

Each new sunrise brings new hopes and opportunities. Never think that today is your bad day. Maybe there’s something better for you at the end of the day. If there is one day that you think is bad, don’t think too much about it. The next day will definitely be something better for you. Stay away from frustration and despair and try to be happy in every situation.




Working since last 15 years in the field of SEO,3D Animation, Digital and Social Media Marketing

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afzal khan

afzal khan

Working since last 15 years in the field of SEO,3D Animation, Digital and Social Media Marketing

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