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Driving in dense fog is like driving with a blindfold.

Exactly it`s the maximum risky riding danger in existence. No depend how essential the ride is, it is now no longer really well worth playing your life. By a long way the most secure element to do in case you run into fog is to transport nicely off the street and watch for the fog to lift. However, the easy and secure answer isn’t constantly the maximum practical, so examine directly to discover what riding processes must be observed in fog.

What is fog?

Fog and mist are each product of tiny water droplets suspended in air. The distinction among them is the density. Fog is denser so consists of extra water droplets than mist. For pilots, in case you cannot see similarly than a thousand meters, then it’s far referred to as fog. For maximum humans consisting of motorists though, visibility must be much less than two hundred meters earlier than it’s far classed as fog.

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Driving in fog

Take precise care while riding in fog, specifically at night. Fog may be patchy, going from a mild mist to a thick blanket in an instant. Obviously, the quicker you pressure in those conditions, the much less time you’ll must keep away from danger.

· As you input fog, take a look at your mirrors and gradual down. Use your foot brake gently in order that your lighting fixtures warn following drivers.

· Use dipped headlights and fog lighting fixtures if visibility is decreased so that you may be seen.

· But don’t forget it`s an offence to apply high-depth rear fog lights in clean situations (that is, if visibility is more than one hundred meters).

· Make positive your important beams are not become on via way of means of accident.

· Main beams direct mild up into the fog, making it tough in an effort to see.

helpline 130 National Highways & Motorway Police-NHMP

· Dipped headlights direct mild down onto the street and assist different drivers to peer you.

· Keep an eye fixed to your speedometer due to the fact research display that a few drivers acclimate themselves to foggy situations and unconsciously growth their velocity over time.

· If you may see much less than 12 meters (forty feet) ahead, your velocity desires to be decreased to much less than 20mph.

· Use your windscreen wipers and demisters.

· Beware of different drivers who aren’t the usage of their headlights.

· If you park your vehicle on a first-rate road, try to get your car absolutely off the street. You can be rear-ended!



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